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This excellent ENews resource addresses the issues of our day from an accurately balanced, historical and “Good News” perspective. In addition to Bro’ Ken, other writers and contributors will Include highly regarded and devoted spiritual thinkers and biblical scholars.

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Secret Place Hisdom

Hisdom is God’s (His) wisdom imparted to Ken Fabre’ by the Holy Spirit…

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My Time and Energy

Time. Time, my time is temporary and is always moving constantly. Therefore, time is automatically interwoven, with the force of energy. The greatest assets and possessions, given

YOU and Time

On time and timing. You were chosen and selected, and assigned for the earth before you were formed in your mother's womb. The book of Jerimiah Chapter 1

Christ Crucified

Love...and loving. Love, any definition of the word love, that does not include Christ, and Him crucified, is at best an incomplete definition of love; if not a

Ken Fabre’

A True Leader that Inspires and Encourages via the Word of God

Brother Kenneth R. Fabre’ is a humble man who is a devoted Servant-Leader. He is an Author, Speaker, and worshiper who is dedicated to his family! He is an Ordained Minister, Servant-Leader and Juris Doctorate. Ken has a passion for the Body of Christ…

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